About Brian

I write fiction and nonfiction and live in Michigan with my wife and sons. When I am not writing or reading  you'll likely find me cooking, reading, or tramping through the woods on old overgrown paths.

This is my personal website filled with the musings, ramblings, and the otherwise babble of my brain that won't fit on Twitter but that has to be written down so I can empty my head to make room for more important stuff.

In case you were wondering –and I bet you were– a wunderkammer is a place to exhibit a collection of curiosities and rarities; the literal translation is 'wonder chamber.'

I believe that is as apt a description of a writer's brain–or any human's brain for that matter–as I have ever heard. That is what I hope this site becomes –a collection of the amazingly strange and random thoughts that live between my ears. Please join me.



Please feel free to get in touch by email at desk@brianlynn.net.

I read every email I get, but I rarely respond in a timely manner, if even at all. Don’t take it personally if I don’t write back and remember that you are and will always be super awesome.


Unless otherwise credited all photographs on this site were taken by myself.