Updates Michigan

My wife has a new job in Michigan, which it turns out, is a pretty rocking state. She likes her job although she’s a bit swamped at the moment. We decided to let the boys finish the school year at their current school and we’ll move up and join her this summer.

But I’ve spent the last week up in Michigan with her. I was supposed to be looking for houses and interviewing schools for the boys. N had a short-term apartment picked out, ready to lease before we left, but after I took a look at it we decided that it was not safe. So instead of looking at schools I spent the week looking for short-term apartments.

She is now set and I am writing this in the airport as I wait for my delayed flight. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to write now that I am a de facto single dad, but I will make time to write. I am going to finish the second draft of the big book; my excellent teacher has threatened to go full zombie on me if I don’t! I also have an excellent side project in the works with an awesome pal on Twitter. It’s still on the down low, but there will be a lot of stuff going on behind the curtains as we get ready. So just because there aren’t a lot of new posts here don’t think that I’ve fallen off the wagon already. I’m still writing. Even if you aren’t reading it.

A few thoughts on Michigan. The roads suck. No really. If you’ve never been there it is hard to imagine how poor the roads are. Hint —think post apocalyptic. Oh, well I suppose we’ll get used to them.

There are a lot more Japanese ex-pats living in Michigan than there are in northern Kentucky which is pretty cool for us. N is pretty Americanized at this point, but we eat a lot of Japanese food, most of it home cooked, and there are some great Japanese markets with huge selections of everything from squid jerky -try it with ice cold vodka shots–, to curry pan to fresh octopus and more. I think we will be cooking more nihonryori than ever before.

There are also some great Japanese restaurants. We ate at a couple of them. I had tonkotsu style ramen and a beef bowl at the first place. The tonkotsu was pretty good, the broth was okay but a little on the light side and the noodles were completely wrong but it was still pretty darn good. The second place was an izakaya and it felt almost like we were in Japan. If only they had had tatami mats to sit on it would have been perfect. We had the duck hot pot and it was awesome. We’ll definitely be going back again.
More tk.

Kamo nabe –duck hot pot– at Izakaya Sanpei